Screen Reader Audit Checklist

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Page title is present and contains text

Page Title changes when URL changes

Page Title is relevant to the H1 and page content

Page Title Comments:

Headings are accurate, informative, and concise

Headings convey the content's structure

Headings don't skip levels and have proper nesting

Heading levels begin with a H1

There is only 1 H1

Page Headings Comments:

Links and buttons are semantically designated as such

Links or buttons should be designated by their function

Links and buttons must have programmatically discernible text or label

Link and button purpose should be determinable by it's text or programmatic label alone

Links and buttons should not state link or button in contained text or aria-label

Features such as labels, names, and text alternatives should be consistent throughout the site

Button state should be discernable to screen readers

Links that open in a new tab are labeled as such

Links and Buttons Comments:

An accessible version of downloadable content should be made available to users.

Downloads must adhere to basic accessibility principles.

PDFs files are in tagged PDF format.

Downloadable Documents Comments:

Form Labels

Labels are programmatically-discernible.

Labels are be meaningful.

Placeholder text is not the only method of providing a label for a text input.

Labels are adjacent in the DOM to its corresponding element.

When multiple labels are used for one element, each label must be programmatically associated with the corresponding element.

When one label is used for multiple elements, the label must be programmatically associated with each of the corresponding elements.

Group labels must be programmatically-associated with the group if the individual labels for each element in the group are insufficient on their own.

Group labels must be programmatically-discernible.

Group labels must be meaningful.

Form Instructions

Instructions must be programmatically-discernible.

Instructions must be meaningful.

If the instructions are not critical, the instructions can be hidden until the user requests them.

Instructions must not rely solely on references to sensory characteristics.

Instructions for an element must be programmatically-associated with the element.

Instructions for an element must be available as programmatically-discernible text.

Instructions for an element must be meaningful.

Non-critical instructions may be hidden until the user requests them.

Focusing on an element must not automatically trigger a change of context, unless the user has been adequately advised ahead of time.

Changing an element's value must not automatically trigger a change of context, unless the user is adequately advised ahead of time.

Form Feedback

Error feedback must be programmatically-associated with the appropriate element.

Error feedback must be programmatically-discernible.

Error feedback must be meaningful.

Forms Comments:

Data presented in table is appropriate for the table format, not due to layout

Data tables should have a programmatic name or caption

Table name or caption should be accurate, unique, and succinct

Row and Column headers should be programmatically determinable and must accurately describe corresponding data cells

A summary is provided for data tables. If provided, should make the table more understandable to screen reader users.

Tables Comments:

Images that convey content must have programmatically-discernible alternative text

The alternative text for informative images must be meaningful

Alternative text should not include words "graphic" or "image"

The length of the alternative text for informative images should be concise

Images Comments:

Landmarks are used to designate predetermined parts of the layout

All text should be contained within a landmark region

Multiple instances of the same landmark have different names

No duplicates of banner/header, main, or contentinfo/footer landmarks

Minimal number of landmarks used

Region Landmarks Comments:

Media player functionality is operable with the keyboard and Assistive Technologies

Controls must have correct names, roles, values

Controls have programmatic state

Transcripts are available

Closed caption controls are available

Audio Description is available

Content does not auto-play

Time based media alternative available

Media Comments:

Status messages are programmatically determinable through role or properties and are presented to assistive technologies users without receiving focus.

Status Messages Comments:

Aria live announcements or auto-updating content do not interrupt or are overly noisy

Aria Live Announcements Comments:

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